Bellwether Banners


Most of the products we sell are made to order and in the U.S.A Almost all our banners are custom designs; so, we don't stock products. We take your unique design and create several custom proofs to meet your needs. There is no middle man here. We manufacture and retail our products at the most competitive prices. We do NOT WHOLESALE, but we will discount for large orders.

We use the highest quality materials in our banner fabrication. All banners are made of 200 denier Solar Max Nylon with a finish Ultra Violet Inhibitor, which helps so reduce fading in continued sunlight. Our banners are made using an applique technique. This allows for image viewing onboth sides of a banner (one side is a mirror image of the other).

Almost all our banners measure 16.5' tall by 2.5' wide.
The banner sleeve is made of 4 ounce Nylon Dacron (fabric used for sail boat).

Each banner package usually includes all you need to display your banner, which includes the banner and the following items:
- a Pole (a Master Pole, exclusive pole made by us; look at the STORE page for pole sizes and prices);
- a Ground Stick (3/4" x 4' tall made of solid fiberglass); and
- a Carrying Bag (usually black, also made of 200 denier fabric).

Take a look at the FEATHER page on our website for some ideas of banners that we have made in the past.

Our feather banner is the most popular model that we sell. But Bellwether Banners has many other models to choose from. Just take a look at the MODELS page. As well, the COLORS page will give you an idea about the choice of colors for your banner.

The TEXT page displays the most cost-effective banners that we offer. All are at the same price: $225* price which includes a pole, ground stick, bag, and U.S. delivery. You could choose any color from the COLORS page at no additional cost.

The car dealership page is divided into two sections. The first section is for NEW CAR DEALERS. proofs of what we could make. The second section is for USED CAR DEALERS. This page shows classic banners used for used car sales.