Bellwether Banners

Our Story

How did we get started?

Five years ago, a friend called and asked me, "Could your make me some banners?" I said , "Why not, I've made banners for my own kite displays, why not for someone else." My friend indicated that he had called around and cound not find any companies to make custom banners. After completion of this order a few weeks later, I had now shifted my company from kite design to custom banners. Bellwether Banners was born! Bellwether Banners is the only banner company that specializes in appliqué banners (not printed) which we consider works of art upon completion.

Custom, unique banners...Really? And I don't need an order of 10 or more banners?

Yes, today we take client ideas and turn them into to reality... whether a banner for a soccer team's or 100 banners for a national store opeing, we can handle both types of orders. We listen to your ideas and incorporate your design or logo into a custom banner. We provide proofs free of charge. As well, we use the best materials - fabrics, threads, poles -- on the market, experienced sewing talent (minimum of 15 years), and advanced equipment to ensure high quality product durability. As well, we deliver as quickly as possible.

Still made in the U.S.A.? Yes!

Yes, we are a completely U.S. design and manufacturing firm. when you call Bellwether Banners, you still speak to Martin Blais the company president who will answer your call, field your idea, and provide the design proof for your banner. Bellwether Banners will not start working on a banner until you have personally approved the design and delivery conditions.

Are banners all that you make?

Well, banners alone keep us very busy and are the focus of the company, but Martin still designs kites under contract with New Tech Kites. Really, anything with fabric - party designs, artistic mall installations - are projects of interest to Bellwether Banners. Martin is constantly innovating - with new banner designs, new materials, techniques, and applications. Give us a challenge!